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REDKEN Chemistry

Redken Chemistry System

Every woman longs for beautiful hair. Shine, energy, life, health, easy adjustment - this is REDKEN Chemistry professional deep bark. One of the main pillars of hair care. It is a two to four step intensive care process that is tailored to the hair needs of each client. It consists of an exceptional set of preparations that balance the natural pH level and at the same time intensively care for the hair with a visible effect. This exclusive hair care is available exclusively in salons working with REDKEN hair cosmetics.

REDKEN combines the advanced technology of its products with the latest fashion trends from New York Fashion Week, which come in a new design and with a new ultra-powerful booster for the most damaged hair.



REDKEN CHEMISTRY is a luxury service that uses REDKEN cutting-edge technology for your hair to be healthy, revitalized and regenerated.

Using a unique composition of highly concentrated ingredients, REDKEN CHEMISTRY deep peel provides an "injection" of intensive immediate and long-lasting care, while restoring the hair's natural pH.

There is beauty in simplicity - a simple 2-3 step technique!
Before applying REDKEN CHEMISTRY deep bark, the hair is washed with a cleansing shampoo (it degreases the hair and removes impurities). For the second wash, the hairdresser chooses a suitable shampoo that opens the hair and supplies them with the necessary nutrients.

We rinse the hair thoroughly and prepare it for the next step, which is the REDKEN CAT protein bark from the EXTREME series, which can temporarily restore hair ties and restore its strength and strength.


Now the hair is ready for a deep peel, which has 3 phases depending on your wishes or hair condition.

1) Shot/s

It is a creamy peel, focusing especially on the most common hair needs. Strength, protection, softness and smoothing. By combining these shots, he creates tailor-made care for hair with different needs.

We intentionally apply the bark strand by strand so that the active ingredients get into each hair.


2) pHix pHase
Locks special folders in the hair and closes the cuticle. pHix pHase is a technology that locks the special components contained in Shot in the hair and at the same time balances the pH.


3) Deep care
Intensive care for the external cuticle. There is a corresponding in-depth care for each Shot that brings further regeneration. It treats and smoothes the cuticle
for a feeling of maximum smoothness, softness and shine.


The entire REDKEN CHEMISTRY procedure in the longest version takes approximately 30 minutes.

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