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Veronika hazdyk

 Veronika Hazdyk


Veronika Hazdyk has worked in Prague's leading hair studios and we are glad that she has anchored here! Veronika is very nice and empathetic, she likes to improve and teach new things so that even the most demanding clientele is satisfied. Do not be afraid to consult with her even the most demanding changes, which are definitely not afraid.


In what part of the hairdressing work do you feel most confident?

I'm sure about cutting and dyeing.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in a hairdresser's career?

Carefulness and understanding of the client's requirements. It is also important to constantly improve. Hairdressing is a beautiful, diverse work and it is necessary to constantly move on.

What is most important for a hairdresser?

Correct and thorough consultation, understanding the exact ideas of the client and meeting his expectations.

What do you like best about your job?

All changes.

What do you think is the biggest success in your hairdresser's career?

Satisfied, regularly returning clientele.

Favorite product?

I like hair oils. It smoothes the hair beautifully and gives it shine. My favorite is Moroccanoil Treatment, which has the ability to restore overloaded hair damaged by environmental influences and chemical processes.

What clients should not miss in the bathroom?

Nourishing masks that supply the hair with the necessary nutrients.

What would she recommend to clients in hair care?

Careful handling of hair when combing and drying. Use thermal protection against any heat treatment.

What do you think is the current trend?

BALAYAGE lighting technology. Almost everyone loves her :-).











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