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Barbora Zajíčková / Stylist

Bára zajíčkováBarbora Zajickova


Bara is our newest member of the team! She has devoted her professional career mainly to hair extensions and thickening with NANOTAPE tapes and the most natural styling and color with tapes. She loves balayage and men's cuts. 

What do you enjoy working in the HAIRBORN hair salon?

Environment, peace of mind at work, constant development and a great team.

In what part of the hairdressing work do you feel most confident?

Hair extensions and thickening.

If you could give people some hairdressing advice, recommendations in general, what would it be?

Start with quality hair products that you use properly and listen to your hairdresser's advice.

What do you think is the current trend?

Natural balayage, thickened or well-elongated hair.

What must not be missing in the bathroom?

Definitely Kérastase GENESIS. A great helper in the fight against hair loss. Beautifully hydrates and does not burden the hair.

What will never bore you?

Learn new things, move on.

What is your best hairdressing experience so far?

To be part of the hairdressing team in Karlovy Vary at the film festival.



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