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Alterna professional hair care offers revolutionary products that set the standard for the most luxurious hair cosmetics in the world. Our commitment is clear and simple. Alterna comes with real innovation. It does not bring promises, but results on which we build our reputation. Her proven results have amazed many celebrities, who are proud that their hair is beautiful thanks to Alterna.




Hollywood stars love Alterna!

"At Alterna, we don't test products on animals, but on celebrities!"

Katie Holmes
Actress and co-owner of Alterna Haircare

"I'm really proud to be part of this brand - not only because its products are absolutely incredible, but also because I completely identify with its philosophy of affordable luxury and purely natural composition."

"I like that Alterna uses only natural extracts and avoids aggressive components of chemical origin, such as sulfates and parabens. It's good not only for my hair, but also for our planet. When I first tried Alterna products, I knew they were absolutely exceptional. My hair was healthier, shinier and smoother immediately after the first use. ”

"If I had to describe Alterna in one word, then it would definitely be a transformation."

Joan Malloy
Director of Alterna Haircare

"Katie inspired us with her transformation from an actress to a versatile artist, designer and stylish icon."

Jennifer Aniston
Actress “Friends”
“I love the Luxury Shampoo!”
InStyle (USA): “The Girl who has everything now owns some of the most luxurious hair products around: Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner”
People Magazine (USA): “It’s no wonder that Jennifer Aniston has luxe locks: Her longtime stylist Chris

Daily Mail UK: “At home Madonna uses Alterna’s Enzymetherapy Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner."

Scarlett Johansson
Actress “Lost in the Translation”

David & Victoria Beckham
Singer, Celebrtity
InStyle Magazine (UK): “Victoria Beckham loves Hemp Seed Extreme Moisture Hand Treatment”
Celebrity Spy (UK): “This lady only uses the poshest brands, like Alterna”
Hairdressers Journal (UK): “Spend it like Beckham” White truffle Luxury Shampoo

Jennifer Lopez
Actress/ singer

Julia Roberts
INStyle Magazine (UK): “Julia Roberts uses a tube of Hemp Seed Straightening Balm, every week”
Elle (UK): “Every month Julia Roberts Uses up to three tubes of Hemp Seed Straightening Balm”

Penelope Cruz

Kate Bosworth
Actress: “I love the Caviar Conditioner”

Sandra Bullock
“For impossible hair like mine it’s nice to finally find something that manages it better than I do!”

Naomi Campbell
Super Model

Paris & Nikki Hilton
NY Socialites

Debra Messing
Actress “Will & Grace”
“I Love the White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner.”
Luke O’Connor, (2004-09): “Hi, It's me , Luke, Debra's stylist on Will & Grace. I wanted you to know that Debra loved the White Truffle Conditioner and Shampoo you sent. I told her I had never felt her hair asgood and with so much body. She asked me if I'd contact you again to get her more.”

Mandy Moore
Cosmopolitan (USA): “To condition her soft layers Mandy Moore uses Alterna Deep Conditioner.”

Kate Moss
Super Model

Rachel Bilson
Actress “The O.C.”
US Weekly (USA): “It’s Amazing!” says Rachel Bilson of the hydrating Alterna White Truffle Luxury Shampoo.”

Sarah Clarke
Actress:  Susan Kelber, key hair stylist, “24”: “Sarah Clarke and Sarah Wynter both live on Alterna..."

Courtney Cox Arquette
Actress “Friends”: “I love the Caviar line!”

Steven Cojocaru
Fashion/Beauty Correspondent
“Hemp Seed Shine Shampoo is my favorite!”

Russell Crowe
Actor: “I absolutely love the Alterna Hemp Hard Hold Styling Gel and Sheer Pomade.”

Hillary Duff
Singer/ actress
Linda Arnold, key hair stylist, “A Cinderella Story”: “Hilary Duff absolutely loves the Hemp Seed Spray
Starch and Hemp Seed Spray Shine. Not only do they make her hair smooth and shiny, but they both smell terrific!”

Carmen Electra
US Weekly (USA): “For Electra’s super-long sexy waves she uses the Caviar Styling Spray”

Shannon Elizabeth
Tasha Brown, hair stylist with Fred Segal Beauty: “Shannon Elizabeth’s hair is really thick and has some
color in it, so I used Caviar Smoothing Crème to protect it from heat styling and Hemp Seed Spray Shine to
finish off the style.” Tasha Brown, hair stylist with Fred Segal Beauty

Sherilyn Fenn
Actress: “Your products are the absolute best.”

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